Preventive Snow Removal Tips

Preventive Snow Removal Tips

Seventy-two percent of injuries seen in an emergency room following a snowstorm result from falls and 39% of these falls result in a fracture. This is according to a study in a large metropolitan area. Numerous injuries also happen during snow shoveling

These statistics are proof of just how dangerous areas prone to freezing temperatures such as Spokane County can be during winter.

You cannot keep snow from accumulating on your property. But you can apply these Spokane County snow removal tips to ensure you and your
family members do not get injured.

Prepare well with a Warm-up and Appropriate Clothing

For starters, wear shoes that have slip-resistant soles to avoid a fall when shoveling. Ensure your clothes are light layered and water–repellent with a warm head covering and thick warm socks. Keep your hands covered with warm gloves so that they remain warm and dry.

Shoveling is a vigorous activity, and this could explain why most snow-shoveling injuries are strains and sprains. You can prevent this by having a quick warm-up before beginning the task. Some light exercises will get your muscles warm and ready.

Do not Over-Exert Yourself

Snow falls heavy in Spokane County, rather than wait for the ice to accumulate, start early when the covering is still light, it prevents ice drifting. By starting early and shoveling regularly, you get to work for a shorter time and on a lighter load.

You could also use a small amount of chemical deicer to loosen the snow from the surface and easily remove it with a shovel. By working light and using a deicer, you strain less and avoid getting too exhausted, which could lead to injuries.

Use the Right Equipment

The right equipment will make your work easier. Get a light shovel with a non-stick finish and a length that suits your height. Do not go for a large blade, it only increases the energy you will be using, makes you strain more, and tire quicker. A pusher can come in handy with light snow.

Spokane County snow removal experts recommend melting the ice using calcium chloride instead of salt or hot water. Calcium chloride works
efficiently in very low temperatures and will cause less damage to your property, the soil, and vegetation.

Work in the Right Form

Working at low temperatures requires that you use proper form and technique to prevent injuries. Keep your hands well spaced as you grip your shovel to increase leverage. Turn the entire body instead of twisting it when throwing snow to your side.

Push the snow instead of lifting. When you have to lift, drop to squat and with your legs apart, lift without bending your back. It places the weight on your legs and not your back, which could injure your spine. Carry small amounts of snow at a time.

In Conclusion

Winter is beautiful in Spokane, bringing friends and families together as they chat over hot chocolate and around fireplaces. But it is also a dangerous time when fall injuries are common, and properties get damaged.

However, with these four simple tips and tricks, you can enjoy the season without worry.

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