The Importance of Minding Your Towing Capacity

The Importance of Minding Your Towing Capacity

Are you ready to drive? Absolutely not! You must, and I repeat MUST, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your maximum towing capacity. Most people fail to consider this very important part of hauling a super sized load or packed-out trailer.

Consider these Scenarios:

  1. You’ve got your fishing boat loaded up on your trailer and secured to your truck with a trailer hitch.
  2. You’ve packed the bed of your truck to capacity with recyclables ready for a haul to the recycling center.
  3. Your horses are safely in the trailer. They’re secured with a hitch for a trip to the riding trails.

There are so many good reasons to take a few moments to verify your weight load and towing capacity.

The first is safety.

If you exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity, the chances of swerving out of control if you hit a pothole or puddle are much greater. And, if here’s oncoming traffic, it could not just be a one vehicle wreck; but, rather, a multi-car crash. You also should consider roadside assistance yonkers ny, you will need to brake quickly. An overload could prevent a timely stop and possibly cause harm. Heading uphill will slow you down. This can be especially dangerous if you’re on a highway since most interstates have speed minimums.

Next, overlooking your maximum towing capacity means more wear and tear on your vehicle.

A transmission subjected to working over the recommended weight limit heats up, weakening the protecting lubricant. It can break down. And, that’s costly. A new transmission can be $4000. So, if you don’t want to shell out money for repairs, keep your loads within the weight maximums.

Lastly, keep in mind that other people observe what you do.

Set a good example for your family, friends, neighbors and all those who enjoy packing up the trailer for work or a day at the lake. Perhaps they’ll follow your example. If not, it’s worth the try.

Final Thoughts

So, remember, there’s more to consider than just a secure connection to your trailer hitch. Minding your towing optimum can save your life, extend the life of your vehicle, and show the world you care about safety and doing what’s right. So, get out the owner’s manual and check your maximum towing capacity. And, if you’ve misplaced the manual, contact a professional who can help you determine the capacity. Now you are ready to enjoy a day of work or play!

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