Six Surprising Advantages Of Rail Transport Over Road Transport

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Six Surprising Advantages Of Rail Transport Over Road Transport

Road transport for small loads and travels are great, but the advantages that rail transport provides are too good to be ignores, as it is a very efficient solution for your supply chain. If your shipment is moving 1000 miles and it is not time constricted, rail transport can be efficient in providing a solution for your supply chain.

Some advantages of rail transport over road transport include:

Rail Transport can be cost-effective

cost effective

Shippers who converted their freight from road to rail have saved upto 10-40% in its costs. Rail has a low fuel cost compared to road transport, especially with larger loads. The price is less even with the drivers as they have a better price for drop trailer programs.

Shipping via train is more environmentally friendly

Train uses less fuel to travel a mile than a truck.The Association of American Railroads, stated that Railroads could move one ton of load on average of 479 miles on a gallon of fuel. This also helps in lowering green-house gas emission by up to 75%.

Trains are capable of hauling massive loads

A double-decker train can load an approximate amount of shipment that is the same as 280 trucks. A very beneficial way to ship, primarily for shippers with a larger load.

Rails are reliable

Rails have a standardised transit schedule and also do not have to face traffic. Due to which, the trains do not get late caused bytraffic jams or due to bad weather.

Rail freight can be efficient

The average transit time is comparable to road transport, but what rail cannot make up in time-sensitive shipments, it makes it up in similar transit time for longer hauls. This also works with various different types of loads.

Rail transportation provides you with access to capacity

Due to OTR, the shortage in drivers and HOS restrictions, the current demand is making it harder for the shippers to find trucks. Even if they do, the drivers demands for a large pay-check. This is also one of the reasons why rails transport is better than road as they do not have these regulations, which is excellent for shippers with a larger load that needs to be shipped.

There are many intermodal strategies using rail transport and road transport, where they combine the both which makes it work well together. The trucks are being used to bring freight from original place to the terminal, and then the rails take them from the terminal to their final destination, which is referred to as ‘drayage’. Commodities such as electronics, clothes, machinery, plastics and lumber are usually carried via intermodal rail.

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